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We understand the need for social connection, a friendly face, a listening ear and a sense of belonging. Itoju helps build genuine relationships that enrich lives through companionship and community.

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No matter your age, background, or circumstances, you have a place to belong.

At Itoju, we combat loneliness and grief through meaningful social connections and community. We are available to everyone who needs our help.

Problem Validation


Health risks of social disconnection and loneliness are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day" - Dr. Vivek Murthy


Loneliness is a stronger risk factor for death than physical inactivity or obesity


The best cure for loneliness is not more frequent interaction. It`s more meaningful interaction" - Adam Grant

Loss and Grief

Over 60% of adults report feeling lonely or socially isolated after a major loss.

Everyone experiences loss at some point in their lives, especially the passing of a loved one.

At Itoju, we understand the huge impact of loss and grief. Our compassionate companions are here to provide emotional support, and companionship as they help you navigate the grieving process.

How it works

Tell us who you are

  • Companions: Share your skills and interests to get matched with compatible members who need your support
  • Members: Let us know your needs and preferences to find the perfect companion who can become your friend and helper.
  • Community Members: Discover how you can contribute to a more connected world through volunteering, donations and xxxx.

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We make the perfect match

Our neural link matching system considers your personality, background, interests, and needs to ensure a harmonious connection.

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Build meaningful relationships

Enjoy companionship, conversation, and a sense of belonging. Companions offer practical help with daily tasks, while members share stories, laughter, and life experiences.

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Did you know?

Nearly half (46%) of all adults in the US experience loneliness to some degree

Loneliness increases the risk of early death by 26%, comparable to smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.

Social Isolation leads to 30% increase in healthcare utilization and costs.


Itoju is committed to providing exceptional support to our valued members. Here's how to reach us.




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